How do I connect a Midi Keyboard?
  • You can configure up to 8 Midi Devices (controllers and keyboards) in Stagelight.

    To active your midi controllers, go to Menu > Options > Midi Input.image When you add an instrument track you will be able to play the instrument from any midi device that you have added. You can also press the track I/O button on your instrument track and choose a single device that will play the instrument on your track.
  • Hi I have a question! I've got the midi M-audio Oxygen 61, but all MIDI-assignable knobs and sliders to control DAW and virtual instruments don't work. As I figure out need DirectLink, but it's just for Cubase, Reason, ProTools. Also, can I use one of this software to work on Stagelight or not? Thanks)
  • Hello,

    As long as you have your midi control set up and sending note messages to Stagelight, you should be able to: 

    click the learn button towards the top of the screen,

    move the parameter that you would like to link to a knob,

    then move the a knob on you midi controller.    

    Please let me know if this works for you. 
  • Thanks a lot, Ramon!. It works but sometimes few sliders work uncorrect.
  • When you say they work incorrectly, what functionality is not working properly?

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