How increase Audio quality.
  • There will be a point in the music making process were your creations start demanding more power and performance than your computer can put out. This can be very frustrating, but that does not mean that you need to purchase a new computer, you need an audio interface. 
    Most computers are not really designed to record and playback high quality at the same time as running cpu heavy effects are virtual instruments. An Audio interface is the answer to this issues. An audio interface will take a lot of the cpu load off of you PC and add a higher quality of inputs and outputs to your system. 

    Here is a list of great audio interfaces made to fit the budget of any musician or hobbyist:   
  • Thanks for the heads up. I'm actually in need of one myself. I've had my eye on a couple in the list.
  • I hate to raise this post from the dead. But I just thought I'd mention, in case others come across it, I actually use the Peavey Xport for all of my electric guitar recordings. It's definitely a nice piece of kit for the low budget.I used it for recording an album with a friend.

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