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  • Hello,

    Firstly I would like to congratulate you for Stagelight. It is a very nice and easy software for a great price. 

    I would like to ask some information about it's wave editing capabilities. Is it possible in any way to edit a wave you import or record? For example let's say you record a backing vocal and you want to move just one phrase in the waveform or delete a small part of it etc. So far I haven't figured a way to edit the waveform in any way apart from changing loop settings. If it's yet not possible is this a future addition to Stagelight?

  • We have plans to extend the wave editing capabilities in the near future. Look for more information about the planned features additions in the next couple of months. 
  • Great thanks for the info
  • Response to Creep. I do a few things with audio waves as well that brought me to the same frustration. Until I manipulated an aspect of Stagelight "Snap to grid" feature next to the master volume, top left. If you unsnap the grid, tou can use the stretch or compress, (the brackets [ ] ) to isolate the parts of the wave file in the track you want. Then copy and paste them anywhere you like later. Just remember to place the new piece you've copied and pasted in the desired location and then snap the grid back to lock it. However, sometimes when restarting the session at a later date, these wave pieces I've moved are gone with the block showing in the place I've left them. And have to redo the process again. This too is frustrating, but I don't mind because of the learning experience. But would be a nice fix. I tend to do the audio last because of this. But I only do accents using audio, not songs full of audio. Anyway, I hope this may help a little until the fix comes. Metta
  • Thanx a lot, your method works fine, still it takes too much time to do that. Eventually I started using an other software for recording...I hoped on version 2.2 wave editing would be better but...
  • Maybe I'm missing something. I click on the audio and it appears in the edit window, but once I do that all the editing tools on the right are greyed out. There is a "Stretch" function, but it seems to do nothing. I presumed that you would highlight the area you wanted to stretch or compress and then a slider might pop up or something, but I get nothing.

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