Dubstep With Stagelight
  • For the fans of dubstep. This is a great daw for getting the job done. Take a listen to what I produced using Stagelight and Massive. www.soundcloud.com/cage-of-mirrors/synthphonic-symphony
  • Sounds great, man! Keep up the good work! 

    How did you program your automation; what instruments did you use? 

  • Thanks! The arpeggio is what I always played on guitar. However, I have no audio interface to use, so I searched for the notes one by one in Stagelight. The guitar sound I created using NI Massive VST. Automated LFOs' in Massive, and used filters in Stagelight. The heavy guitar rythem, also made through massive and used effects from Stagelight to bring ballance that it needed. All drums and sub/bass i made in Stagelight. The Vox I made outside of Stagelight. After I loaded it, like a wav file, I used Stagelights' delay over itself to get the robot sound, (that part happened because I was just experimenting, I didn't know the vox would come out that way.) The final touches to the song was using the Stagelight Parametric EQ to cut bad frequencies in every track. Compressed all the tracks as well then eq'ed the master volume and compressed it. I know this response was a bit more involved for the question you asked. But I figured I should give the whole process, for anyone else who might pick up with this post. And I was excited someone enjoyed, and asked. Thank you again tbuckner for your compliment, Metta!
  • Great process! Keep it up!!! Try experimenting in more ways, the best sounds usually come from experimentation.
  • Will do. And thanks again. I agree. Experiment leads directly to Experience. I love this DAW.
  • Is there a Massive alternative. I mean for canadian dollars its about a 200 dollar program. :(

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