Who uses StageLight for Live Performance?
  • Hey everyone,

    I'm pretty new here, and to "software music" in general, but I play the keys in my worship team, and I've been experimenting with using Stagelight on my Surface Pro 2!

    It's a pretty lightweight program, with a few kinks here and there, but for the most part, I'm loving it.

    Anyone else here use Stagelight for live performance?
  • I hope to use it for live performances in the future; at the moment I'm trying to get some midicontrollers working with Stagelight. Touch is O.K. sometimes but not always.
  • Just got Stagelight last week and used it live on Sunday. My main use live is to have access to multiple VST instruments on separate MIDI channels I can access through my keyboard/synth. For this first time, I used two sounds for layering with my keyboard. Worked out great and fully met my needs.

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