Free VSTi for "normal" instruments
  • Hi there,

    I'm new to StageLight and not a great expert with DAW.
    So far I have been using the default VSTi that were provided with my DAW (Cubase, for instance).
    The default instruments packaged with StageLight are nice for modern electronic music (House...), but less suitable for more "standard" styles (rock, pop, jazz, funk...).
    Can you please recommend a general purpose VSTi providing basic but decent sounds for drums, bass, guitars and pianos and that has been successfully tested with StageLight.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards, Erix.
  • Hello, 

    There are many VSTi's that will work for what you are looking for. The first that comes to mind is sampletank free:

    Look for the free version at the bottom of the list. I have tested Sample Tank free in StageLight and It works well. 

    The company DSK makes a wide range of free, sample based instruments. I have not test all of them in StageLight, but I do not think that they will cause any problems:

    The KVR plug in data base will help you find the exact plug ins that you're looking for with a category based search engine that includes almost every plug in ever made:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. 
  • Thank you!

  • You are welcome.
  • Another good one to check out is Kontact Elements pkg by Native Instruments. It's usually about $99, but I got mine online sale for $19 or $29....... Bit of a learning curve, for me at least, but good stuff when Ya learn how to use. Haven't tried it in StageLight yet, maybe later today I will to test.......

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