Not Saving properly/randomly snapping loops out of position
  • When I turn off the snap button I can move loops etc around to wherever I need them but sometimes out of nowhere, they will all of a sudden not be where I left them and have moved out of position and out of time which is very annoying and time consuming to fix especially when it keeps happening. 

    Also even after saving immediately after putting loops in their correct position, the next time I load the project, they have been snapped to the nearest beat which often puts my entire song out of time and then I rage quit and delete everything because I cant be bothered trying to fix it when its only going to happen again. Can someone please fix this?? because the entire program is basically pointless if it continues to do this
  • Hello,

    I just attempted to reproduce your issue, but I was not able to. Please Let me know what version of StageLight you are using. You can find your version number by going to Menu > Help > About.

    Please provide any information that you can on how this issue can be reproduced.

    The Steps that I have take are:
    1. Add midi and audio loops to a project in StageLight
    2. Turn Snapping off and move each of the loop off of the grid.
    3. Save the project and close StageLight.
    4 Re-open the project and check the loops' positions.

    The result for me on the latest released version of StageLight is that the loops are still in place.

    Please let me know if there is something else that you are doing. Once I have reproduce the problem, I will report it to our developers.

  • I am using version

    Since posting this, the issue has only occurred on one project and appears to be at random times, however it most often affects imported audio files and drum loops. I do not believe I am doing anything out of the ordinary. 
  • Hello, 

    I still can not reproduce this issue. I will report this to our developers to be addressed in a future update. 

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