• Mastering

    "Once a track is written and mixed, the final stage of production is mastering. Originally a necessity to prepare singles and albums for the physically sensitive requirements of the vinyl cutting lathe, mastering these days is about maximising transient punch, dynamic and frequency-wide clarity and control, and stereo spread, as well as making sure that the mix comes across well on as wide a variety of playback systems as possible.

    It's a highly specialised process calling for the very careful application of EQ, dynamics and other effects (either separate plugins or hardware modules, or a mastering suite such as iZotope's industry standard Ozone) to a finished mix, either by placing such effects on the master bus of an otherwise finished project or by applying them to a rendered mixdown of the track.

    In the wrong hands, mastering effects can do more harm than good, so consider commissioning an experienced mastering engineer for critical tasks - indeed, many would argue that mastering your own tracks is ill-advised." ( )

  • iZotope has several helpful guides including a very nice guide on Mastering.  Here is a link to all of their guides:
  • All it takes is time, you must practice and get it wrong a lot, I mean a lot but the right gear and ears with experience is the only way to master or learn to master... Otherwise hire the right mastering engineer, its worth the cost...

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