Version 2.0 Issues
  • Hey,

    1. How can you save a song in a folder of your choice and not in the library of Openlabs? (PS I do not want to change the library location cause I would have to reedit lots of tracks)

    2. When I open a song I have to see the home page every time or there is a way to skip this and go to the song?

    3, For reason unknown all drum tracks of songs made in previous version are not playing anymore.

  • Hello, 

    Currently, all of the StageLight content has to stay in the Open labs Library folder, including songs.

    You should be able to go to Menu > song > open song to load songs in 2.0 without going to the home screen.

    We have complete changed the way that the drum track and drum kits are structured. 

    Please download the latest installer here:
    This version should get your old content in the right place. 

    Please let me know if this works for you. 

  • About the drums problem seems to be that some names of drum parts are the same with the new ones or some of the drums sounds I have added and the program doesnt know which one should play.I  will have to redit some of them.  About the Library folder I guess I have to deal with that...

    Thanx a lot :)
  • Did you have the same issue with the drums after re installing from the link in my earlier message?
  • Yeah on one song. By the way if I move all the library to an other hard drive and change the location in options it will affect my songs?
  • Was wondering if there's any chance In a future update to get the save as and open from locations back. Have had to go back to stagelight v1 for this, and weird midi problems like notes will play that don't exist on editor

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