Export to MIDI file
  • Will StageLight support Exporting to MIDI file in the future updates? Or is there a way to save my music as a .mid file?
  • Bumping this. It's been a feature that I've long wanted. Especially when the jump was made from 1.x to 2.0--rendered a lot of my 1.x project files useless when I wanted to do revisit some of my tracks. Luckily, I still have the old installers backed up, and virtual machines on hand. 

    Export to MIDI is a much needed feature. 
  • I agree that is a important feature and it is definitely on our radar. 
  • What I'd really like more than midi export is midi import, either drag and drop or search and load. Any chance this is coming soon? Typing in notes is OK for Dub and Trance, etc, but useless when it comes to complex arrangements.
  • Import will be greatly appreciated.  I have a lot of MIDI files from Alchemy Mobile (iPad), but I am wanting to convert all of those to use with Alchemy Desktop instead.  I also recently wanted to grab a pattern from one Stagelight project and bring it into another one.
  • Importing midi files is currently possible. 

    From the time line view, go to Menu > Song > Import midi file.

    This will load each channel of the midi file on it's own instrument track. 
  • Thanks.  I thought I had seen this done before, but couldn't remember how it was done.  The file must be .MID.  I had the .MIDI extension and the file browser would not show the file until I changed the extension.
  • Here's a quick article on Midi file extensions:

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