StageLight 2.1 Issues
  • I've been having this since launch. I can't count the times I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, deleting the Open Labs library, disabling OpenGL among other things. I have been so frustrated that I've rolled back to for the moment. 

    Issues encountered in 2.1:
    • Some VSTs all of a sudden stop working for some projects, while they work perfectly fine for others
    • Right-click doesn't work on the timeline. 
    • When importing a MIDI file, the options to add instruments and affects are blank for the MIDI tracks. 
    • When in full screen, I can't click on the menu to get to "options" etc. 
  • Midi import doesn't work for me, since right-click at instrument tracks has stopped working...
  • Hi,

    To Import MIDI, press the Menu button at the upper left hand corner of Stagelight, then go to the Song section and select Import MIDI File.

    Lord Reserei:  Please got to and open a ticket.  One of our techs can take a look at your issues.

  • Hi Matt,

    thanks for your fast response, but after importing a midi file, all the new tracks, which are created by the midi can't be modified in any way...
  • I am the only one having trouble mastering with IZOTOPE OZONE in stage light? When i export the audio seems to be broken... I dont know if its my computer
  • Hello, 

    @TimNick151297 Importing a midi file does create a non working track, this has been reported to our developers . 

    The work around for this will be to add another instrument track with whatever instrument that you would like to use and then drag the midi to the new track. The midi will be fully editable. 

    @santanna09 I just tested Ozone 5 and I did not have any issues. How is the audio broken exactly? 

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