copying content between songs
  • hi, im wondering if there is a way to import data between different stagelight files. not meaning audio, but contents like track settings, midi regions and automation. 

    Thanks Ramon, for answering all my questions. Youre awesome. 

  • There is not a way to do this yet.  I'll add it as a feature request for a future version. 

  • thank you, that would be awesome. 
  • Add me to the list for this request.
  • Sounds like you need to set up a template of sorts. (I have no idea what StageLight calls it, or if they even have it).

    Set up all the tracks you want in the way you want (with the appropriate instruments, effects, volumes, pans etc) , but before recording, save it as something you can pull up as needed. I'd suggest saving with the name Template_(whatever you want to call it).

    When you open it to start a song, immediately save it under the new name so you don't overwrite it.

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