Very specific bug, while recording. Is it?
  • Hello, I've been having the issue that Stagelight quits when I try to record two audio tracks and a midi track at the same time, in the timeline view.

    There are no issues if try recording two audio tracks only. The problem always presents when I try to record the three at once: 2 audio tracks receiving the same mic 1 input. And an instrument track receiving midi controller input.

    Can somebody confirm if they can replicate the issue? So far I can't get past this it.
  • I opened a ticket with support and it was indeed a bug. The way to work around it is making sure you don't have the instrument track selected when you hit record. Just select one of the two audio tracks you're also recording with. 
  • Thank you, This has been reported and will ore than likely be fixed in the next update. 

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