Song is corrupted..?? complicated problem
  • I have been investing some time in a Stagelight song, and at this advanced point of the production there is a problem with the audio playback. There seems to be a disparity between the timing of the playback (in beats) and the grid. Whatever is in the grid is played actually a little later than the time the metronome hits each beat.

    To illustrate: 

    If I create a drum track and sequence a sound in each beat, and then hit play, with the metronome activated... The sounds play after the metronome by a certain lag amount. 

    Conversely, if i record a midi event and play a sound exactly at the time i hear the metronome... and then look at the midi pattern.... it will visually show to be before the beat

    i dont think this is a latency issue because my interface is already at 7 ms. And it isn't a stagelight problem because if I create a new song, this doesn't happen. The problem has to be something specific to the song that ive spent lots of time working on. I wouldn't like to lose this work. How could I fix this?? Could it be because Im using many plugins? is it a issue of plugin delay compensation? or something similar?
  • Just to let everyone know, I did solve this issue by turning off "plugin delay compensation" in the options. 
  • Thank you for the information. 

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