Midi chords and arpeggiator, any plan ? If not, how to use those of 7aliens ?
  • Hi, I wanted to buy this two plugins : Catanya and W2 Harmonizer when I suddenly asked for myself : Hey, how can I use them in Stagelight ? And secondly, Hey ? Maybe they could integrate an arpeggiator and a midi chord in the touch keyboard, something like in magix music maker ? Could you ? Have you any plan about that ?

    reference : http://www.7aliens.com/


  • Hello,

    Stagelight is currently not able to use midi effects. We have plans to and more features like this in the future. 
  • OK. Do you have planified to integrate something like the work of 7aliens ? It is the same philosophy : simplify musical creation. Maybe licensing his work.
  • If you're looking for ARP style arpegiators, I can suggest two free and excellent VSTis:

    FireBird 2 - Free VST synth - YouTube

    Free Alpha - Free VST synth - YouTube

    Both come loaded with sounds, very adjustable and each has a very simple arpeggio mode. One kicker is you either have to manually enter the notes on the piano roll, or better yet, buy an inexpensive USB powered Midi Keyboard like the Alesis V25.

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