problem: overdub midi still erases regions while recording
  • From my understanding of daws, the function of "midi overdub" should add/combine/merge the newly received midi input to the existing midi on a region/track/pattern, etc... 

    In stagelight, when I hit record with "overdub midi" activated, I observe regions being erased. (which I don't want) 

    I've reproduced this issue under different circumstances and could not find a way to effectively overdub midi without deleting existing regions in my drum or instrument tracks.

    If I have several regions one after the other, Stagelight will invariably always delete at least one of them. If you start recording exactly at the beginning of a region (in a drum track) it will not erase the first region, but it will erase the second one, and then it will not erase the third. But it will stop actually recording the midi input at that time.  

    I want to be able to record automation in my tracks, without the regions being deleted. But everytime I hit record and start moving faders, the following region from where I started recording will be erased. 

  • The only solution ive found to this problem is limiting my overdubs to loop recording over segments that contain only one single region in the track being used. This is the only way Stagelight won't erase an existing region. 

    (based in my tests) 
  • This is actually a big flaw. What if I have several 1bar regions? I won't be able to record automation smoothly across all of them in a single step. I will rather be forced to take many more unnecessary steps:

    1. drag loop locators to surround one region.
    2. record automation.
    3. stop
    4. move loop locators to next region
    5. record automation
    6. stop
    7. etc. 

    Stagelight's "simplicity" is starting to seem rather counterproductive. 
    :-S :-S

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