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  • I recently purchased stage light which upgraded it from when I very first heard of it last year to the new 2.2

    Couple of things I have noticed, when you go on start a new song there is a few like trap, pop rock, electro dance but the old ones have gone like house?

    Also when I start a new song and create audio track right click and go into loop browser there is only 2 genres, in my original version there was dance, house, I think 5 in total?

    Can I get these back, why were they removed?
  • Hello,

    To reduce the size of the Stagelight installer and to make sure that each users gets only the content that they want, we have moved some of the content to the in app store. 

    Most of the core packs are free to download and will give you all the content that you are looking for. 
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have looked into the app store but there are no dance, house like in the old demo version I had the first time round.

    Would I be able to get these?

  • Hello,

    The house pack is most certainly in the store and available to download. There was never a "dance" pack, that is not really a genre. 

    I just installed Stagelight 1.0, here are screen shots of the genre menu in from the lessons tab and the genre menu in the loop browser: 

    What you see in these pictures are the packs that we included in 1.0.

    Now, if you take a good look in the in-app store, you will find that we still have the House, Dubstep, Rock and Hip Hop packs. They all have the word "core" in front of them, IE Core House. They are named core because they were included as the core content in the first release. 

    If you are not seeing the core packs, there maybe an issue with your install of Stagelight or your internet connect. If this is the case, please open a support ticket @

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