Recording in Loop Builder
  • Maybe I'm missing something obvious but I am having a tough time recording in Loop Builder. What I would like to do is hit record. Have a one measure pre-roll, then record the MIDI/Instrument track as my other loops start to play. But I can't seem to get things to work this way.

    If I hit record and have the pre-roll, my loops don't play along.
    If I hit record, and have the pre-roll and I then hit play for my loops, the loops immediately play and I lose the pre-roll.
    If I hit play on the loops and hit record for overdubbing, my recorded pattern starts recording with blank measures. I then have to select all my notes and shift them all to the left. This is the workflow that I have been using but it's a hassle.

    Is there an easier way to do this? I've watched tutorials on recording in the loop builder and they just don't really give a good, thorough example of how to do this. All I want is a one measure count off before I begin to record. Then as soon as the downbeat for the first measure starts, my loops/patterns should start to play as I record my new track.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hello,

    Loop build is not set up to record in this way. You should try doing this in timeline view.  

    In timeline view you will be able to record in the exact way that you are describing. 

  • Thanks.  I tried so many different things trying to get it to work.  I was pretty sure Timeline did it, but want to use patterns.  Is it then possible to create in Timeline and copy/paste those tracks as Patterns into LoopBuilder?  Ultimately, I want to have patterns to work from.

    I'll try this out over the weekend.
  • This will work, you can create all of your patterns in timeline and then copy them over to loop builder. 
  • This worked. Thanks.

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