Can you increase/decrease the volume of a musical note or drumbeat in the piano roll?
  • I believe I saw somewhere ( but can't find it now ) that you can click on either a drum beat or note in the piano roll editor and by dragging up or down increase or decrease the volume of that particular note. I also thought I saw that you can do the same to make a note longer or shorter. However, when i try that, all I do is either move the note up or down the piano roll, or move it side to side.

    Thx !
  • For MIDI notes, I select the note and use the Velocity knob on the left side.  This isn't necessarily volume, but velocity can often control the loudness of the attack.  This is probably what you want.  To use the drag up/down option, go to the upper right icon which should look like an Arrow cursor.  Click to select the Paint cursor.  Now you can drag up/down the note to change the velocity.

    For drums, you have a few options.  In the XOXO pattern editor, you can click on the drum beat and drag up/down as you mentioned in your post.  Or, if you click on the eye in the upper right, it will take you to a MIDI-like note editor.  You can select a note or multiple notes and use the Velocity knob as described above.  You can also use the Paint cursor method as well.  And the last option is the Note Velocity Editor.  In the bottom left is an icon with bars on it.  Click and select 'Note Velocity Editor'.  This will open a new editor allowing you to edit the velocity for each note.

    To lengthen or shorten a note, you need to grab right at the tip of either end point.  If you are using a mouse, the mouse will turn into a little bracket indicating you can move the end point.  Another option is to use the Start and End knobs on the left side panel.  If you are using touch, it can sometimes accidentally move the note rather than shorten/lengthen.  On my Surface, I will usually use the pen when editing lengths since it will show me the bracket so I know I am hovering over the correct spot.
  • Perfect! Thanks! I'll give that a try.

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