You can import Midi Files into Stagelight. It sure is hidden though! ;-)
  • As of 12/4/2015 you can only import Midi files into Stagelight in this manner. I sure hope they provide a drag and drop option.

    You can only import midi files into the Full Transport Mode (Like in a regular DAW). It doesn't seem to work in the Loop Builder Mode.

    Open any project or start a new one. If you begin a new project, collapse the drum module.

    - Click on the 3 parallel bars in the top left corner to open the drop down menu.
    - Click on 'Song' . The 5th Option down is "Import Midi File".
    - Click on it and you can use the browser to search your hard drive for whichever midi file you wish to insert. A new track will open up. You can then click on the Instrument Icon and choose which Instrument or VSTi you wish to assign to it.

    ( I haven't tried this with multi track Midis (Complete songs), just a simple Bass file and later a Drum file.)

  • Thx for the tip, will check it out.
  • Mine does not seem to have this:

    Using latest
  • Oh, got it...I should have switched to Transport the hell did I missed that :S

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