Natural piano sound
  • I am looking for a piano instrument that sounds like Stage Keys when it was available. I've purchased Electro Keys but I couldn't find any preset from there that sounded as natural as Stage Keys did. Any suggestions where I could get a simple piano preset?
  • I find pianos to be very personal and subjective to each person.  You may want to demo them out before making a purchase.  You will probably need to look at samplers or dedicated Piano VSTs.  SampleTank 3 has a demo version, but will require some hard drive space and an app for authorization.  I think Addictive Keys has a demo of their Grand Piano, but also requires a special app for authorization.  There is a demo from Sound Magic for Piano 1.  Also look for Soundfont players and soundfont piano files.  Kontakt has some very good pianos and maybe the demo has a piano you can try out.

    I personally use the pianos on my Yamaha keyboard.  More recently I've been starting to integrate in Addictive Keys (Grand and Upright).  I also like some pianos in Alchemy, though they don't fall into the 'natural' category.  The original Alchemy is also no longer available (Camel Audio was purchased by Apple) and is now only integrated into Logic/Mainstage on Macs.  Some of my favorite pianos are in IK Multimedia's (makers of SampleTank) iGrand Piano app for iPad/iPhone.  I wish they had something similar as a VSTi as I really don't want the rest of the instruments in SampleTank.
  • Thank you for your suggestion, will try out some of them ;)

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