Is it possible to import an entire song file from one user to another?
  • A friend and i are trying to share music between each others computer, and we cannot figure out how to import the .song file into stagelight after he sends me the file. is this even possible as of right now? and if so, are there any tutorials/posts that explain how to do it?
  • Try this.  I am assuming you are on Windows and not the Android version.
    1) Open a file explorer window and go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Open Labs Library\Songs
    2) Create a new folder.  Be sure the name of the folder matches EXACTLY with the .song file name.
    3) Place the .song file in this folder.
    4) You should now be able to open this song folder.
  • use the import feature.
  • Thank you so much, i had no clue the file had to be exactly the same name as the folder for it to work. 

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