Live issue - change tracks quickly
  • Hello,

    I'd like to use some Stagelight's cool VST in live performances playing my MIDI keyboard connected to my PC. I'd like to know if there's a way to shift quickly a track to another in order to change the sound used. I mean, if I play a piano which is on track 1 and then I want to play a synth which is on track 2 making the change as fast as possibile, what should I do? I can't use the mouse, it will take too much time and I will lose the tempo.
    Anyone knows anything about this? Can somebody help me?

    Thank you

  • What MIDI keyboard do you have?  Are you able to program your keyboard to work on different MIDI channels?  I control what plays from my keyboard.  In the Timeline view (not Loop Builder), arm the tracks to record.  Go to the Track I/O Properties dialog and set each track to a different MIDI channel.  If you want layers you can assign the same channel.  Then, program your MIDI keyboard so when you select a numbered patch, it will send the notes you to play externally to the specific MIDI Channel you have assigned to the patch.

    I'm not sure if Stagelight lets you MIDI Learn track selection, but that is another option.  Have your keyboard or some other controller switch which track is playing.

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