Request: Mixer with real routing and ability to sidechain.
  • So I was pretty excited to see the release of version 3 with the mixer, thinking I'd be able to start doing some creative routing or even at the very least throw on a compressor with sidechain and route a silent kick to the compressor to duck a bassline or synth pad.  Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case as the mixer view seems to be strictly for volume levels only.  The sends don't behave like other daws and I understand Stagelight is taking the less is more approach and trying to keep out the complexity creep out of the daw, however, it would be nice to at least use a compressor with sidechain input properly.  I see no way of doing this currently.  I paid the $2.99 to get the mixer view, and unfortunately, I still can't use the daw the way I want to.  Sidechain ducking is so mainstay these days that I can't imagine not being able to do this in Stagelight.  In any case, I like the UI in Stagelight and enjoy how straightforward it is, but I can't consider starting or finishing any projects in it because I NEED SIDECHAIN!  I don't want to fake the sidechain btw, I want actual sidechain with control over threshold, comp ratio, attack, release, etc.  All that said, sidechain all the things.  Thank you.
  • Hello,

    Stagelight is being designed to be a lite DAW with a focus on easy of use over the pro features that are found in more expensive DAWs. 

    With that being send, we will be slowly adding more features, but we are not competing with pro level DAWs that cost 6 to 50 times the amount of our software. 
  • I appreciate your counterpoint, however, a simple LFO ducker or volume automation curve seems pretty rudimentary for dance music.  It would be an awesome addition.  Also, stagelight's price easily approaches that of 'pro' DAWs once you start adding up the in-app purchases.

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