Stagelight VST Support Needs Fix
  • The way VSTs are loaded up on stagelight are causing problems when using them. It seems it would be better if Stagelight went down the route that every other DAW has done with having VSTs open up in a separate window. that is less of an issue but I would still like the thought to be shared about that UI concept.

    When it comes to the issue at hand, it seems that Stagelight is having issues being able to run more complex VST software such as Battery 4, Nexus 2, and the worst one, Serum. the sounds play fine until you open the vst up to start editing it, and it starts to get really buggy and glitchy, like it is unable to process both the visual aspect of the plug in as well as the sound it is producing. this is a big issue because i cant edit any of the sounds i have on there, and so i am only limited to selecting a preset and clicking close on the vst window to be able to hear the instrument. 

    No, it is not an issue with my ram (24gb RAM) or with my computer (8700k i7 with gtx 1060 6gb). When i load any of these plug ins with Ableton, pro tools, or FL Studio they work just fine. 

    Please let me know your thoughts and if there will be any work done to improve the optimization and compatibility of being able to use VST's with Stagelight. Its sucks because the UI/UX of stagelight is a work of art and AMAZING but im stuck having to build my sounds in pro tools and bump them to audio before putting it in stagelight to make a song, which as you can imagine, hinders my ability to edit and wastes time jumping back and forth between software. 

    Dev note: this issue only started happening on newer updates of Stagelight, I had no issues with VST support on the older versions of the software.


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