• how deep is the editing functions on StageLight i.e. automation, fading, automating plugs, takes and comping tracks, ect ect... software looks very interesting...
  • Hello,

    While StageLight is primarily aimed at beginning music makers, it does have standard audio and midi editing capabilities.
    You will be able to record audio and build compositions out of those recordings.
    StageLight also has full automation, allowing you to create volume fades and device automation.
    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Good morning,

    I do have an editing question. I have a song that is for the most part finished. However I would like to add an intro of say 5 seconds. How can I shift all the parts to start 5 seconds later without painstakingly moving each bit?

    Software is great/Thanks
  • Hello,

    You can use the "Multi Selection Tool" to select all the item in a song and move them on the timeline. This tool is located directly beneath the Menu and SongBuilder Button. Select this menu, choose "Multi selection tool"(Icon looks like a Lasso) and you can select all the items on all your tracks in a song

  • I think StageLight needs a liitle more efficiency and for the none touchscreen users, its a very good and powerfull platform.

    p.s Oh, how about more mouse functionality? like scroling, close ups (on tracks) etc...
  • Scrolling is accomplished by 'grabbing' the gray bar at the bottom and dragging it right or left. Zooming in or out uses the + or - signs at the bottom right corner and right upper of the track in either Loop Builder or Track mode.

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