How to keep the drum track from repeating the pattern??
  • Whenever I record on the drum track, stagelight repeats everything I play into every following bar. What if I want to play different things? 

    How can I record drums just like in any other program? Is there a way to turn this repeat feature off? 
  • Stagelight drum track works like a xoxo drum machine, not like a typical DAW. 

    You best option will be to use a VST sample based drum machine for this task. 
  • Another way I've found to do this not only on drums, but also midi and audio clips it to open a second track directly below the track you want a slight modification on and copy and paste to it directly below where you'd have it in the main track. You can then modify it to suit. Keep all your levels and settings the same as the track above. You can then modify that sample without worrying about the other samples being affected.

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